Major Projects

Aerial IoT Data Collection
This work examines using Unmanned Aircraft Systems for aerial data collection from outdoor, rural, IoT sensor networks.
LTE Congestion Monitoring
Developed new methods of detecting LTE cellular network congestion through passive wireless monitoring without cooperation from mobile operators.
Tribal Internet Access
A new system for automated network assessment we want to be able to be able to rapidly plan new network deployments by utilizing open wireless spectrum. In the rural context a new deployment may consist of a permanent wireless backhaul linking remote communities.
Verifiable Group Anonymity
Online social networks are major hubs of communications. However, the ability to freely communicate on these platforms is increasingly restricted in countries across the globe. This work investigates and addresses issues surrounding free speech online.
Early Warning Flood Detection
Our work builds on open source technologies and standards to provide a system for real-time event detection in Bandon Bay, Thailand. Our system leverages the availability and versatility of mobile devices for effective low-cost monitoring.
Coral Sensor Networks
This project aims to establish a series of coral reef observatories that can easily share and interchange data from multiple sites around the Pacific Rim. It is envisioned to be a living laboratory for long-term studies of marine ecology and a testbed for evolving technologies for environmental and biological sensing, communications, and analysis.
Bee Counting
While working at UC San Diego, I partnered with the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute on automated bee detection. This work extended capacity of camera imagery for applications in honey bee population monitoring.