August 10, 2017

Whittier Fire Photos in the News

5 days later, the Whittier Fire still hangs like a specter above Goleta, CA. So while we watch the fire from our bedroom window, something cool happened.

I tweeted out photos of the fire and as a result my photos of the fire got re-tweeted by Cal Fire, shared by Reuters and then picked up by many major news agencies.

Whittier Fire

Given the wide spread use, you would think someone would have asked for my consent. Unfortunately what ended up happening is that CalFire re-tweeted my image and someone at Reuters thought it came from CalFire itself so they never contacted me. In fact they initially didn't even credit me. I had to reach out to them to correct this. Everyone else just used the Reuters image through presumably some kind of image sharing agreement.

At least my work got views I guess.

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