July 22, 2017

LIMITS Paper: Limits to internet freedoms: Being heard in an increasingly authoritarian world

Our paper on: Limits to Internet Freedoms: Being Heard in an Increasingly Authoritarian World was published and presented at Workshop on Computing Within Limits.

The Internet is a critical tool for communication and knowledge acquisition in societies across the globe. Unfortunately, its use has become a battlefield for governments, corporations, and individuals to censor speech and access to information.

In this paper, we present research into the use of social media for free speech in Turkey, Mongolia, and Zambia as a basis for discussing the limits of Internet freedoms. We discuss the actors, adversaries, social and technological limits, as well as limitations of existing tools for the free exchange of ideas on-line.

We conclude with a discussion of how design and development choices for technology can affect marginalized communities, as well as the ethical and technical considerations for developing tools and applications that support Internet freedoms.

Read the full paper.