March 27, 2012

Received Fulbright Fellowship

I am honored to have been selected for a US Student Fulbright award for 2012-2013 to Thailand.

In March 2011, severe rainfall in the southern region of Thailand caused an influx of freshwater and sediment into the Gulf of Thailand. Bandon Bay, Surathani province in the Gulf of Thailand is home to mussel, cockle, oyster, and shrimp farmers.

As a result the aquaculture industry suffered immensely with losses in the eight hundreds millions Baht. Salinity of the brackish water dropped down to zero and sediments were piled up to 20 cm. Cockle and oysters were covered in a thick layer of sediment suffocating them causing them massive death throughout Bandon Bay. The massive force of the water forced the shrimp out into open water.

In response, Walailak University in Thailand was asked to create a prototype early warning system for the oyster farmers. This project will combine the skills and technologies developed at the University of California San Diego with the biological and environmental expertise of Walailak University.